Best Paying Jobs In Energy

The U.S. Energy Employment Report shows that the energy sector will lose more jobs in 2020 than it will create, but it is quickly rebounding. Jobs in solar energy, wind power and battery storage are on the rise, with employers predicting that job growth will continue in the near future. If you’re thinking about a career in energy, check out these top paying jobs. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it will give you an idea of what is available.

Nuclear technicians are one of the highest-paying jobs in energy

If you’re interested in working in nuclear power, nuclear technicians have some great job opportunities available. This career requires extensive on-the-job training and rigorous testing, and can pay up to $117,000 per year. During your training, you’ll learn about and use advanced equipment, such as radiation detectors and thermometers, to ensure the safety and reliability of nuclear facilities. Moreover, nuclear technicians are required to be extremely accurate, which means they must be quick to identify radiation levels.

Despite the high pay, nuclear technicians are facing stiff competition for jobs. Most positions will go to experienced professionals, so recent college graduates will have to be exceptionally lucky to land one. Advanced education and certification won’t guarantee a job, but they will have better job prospects than people without these credentials. Nuclear technicians with diverse skills and experience will have the best chance of finding a job. While the career path may be long, there are still plenty of job opportunities available for nuclear technicians.

Solar software developers are among the highest-paying jobs in energy

With the growth of renewable energy, solar power and energy efficiency, software developers are among the most sought-after jobs in the energy sector. In recent years, solar power has become a major part of our energy mix, and jobs in this field continue to rise as companies develop new solar technologies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics uses data from Solar Foundation and Occupational Employment Statistics programs to rank these jobs.

In addition to software developers, solar engineers are also needed to develop large-scale solar power systems. These engineers must have expertise in industrial systems development and hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science. They also work in the renewable energy sectors, and may also be hired in the oil and gas industry. They need to know about the different components of solar panels and how they interact with other systems. Once hired, they will be responsible for the installation, planning and management of solar panels and other energy-generating systems.

Chemical engineers are among the highest-paying jobs in energy

A career in chemical engineering is a great choice for those who want to combine science with a passion for energy. They are responsible for developing new technologies and fuels, and they may also be involved in safety procedures and equipment design. These jobs offer the highest salaries of any energy related profession. Many employers will accept applicants from all kinds of backgrounds, so it is possible to land a job in this field no matter what your degree.

A Plant Manager is a high-paid position that oversees the daily operations of a manufacturing or processing facility. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and productivity of their employees. Plant managers may be assigned to one specific location or department, but they are generally responsible for a variety of processes. A Plant Manager’s salary can reach as high as $147,335 per year, including salary, profit sharing, and bonuses. Plant managers also make a lot of extra money through commissions and other perks.

Power plant operators are among the highest-paying jobs in energy

While power plant operators are among the most sought-after positions in energy, the number of available jobs in the industry is expected to decline by 6 percent over the next decade. By 2028, there will be an estimated -3100 power plant operators available. Despite this, power plant operators can still expect a healthy salary. Companies that hire power plant operators include Medxcel, BJC HealthCare, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

Job duties vary according to the size and type of power plant, but the responsibilities of these positions are varied. Power plant operators regulate energy output and maintain records of all operations. They may also be responsible for routine maintenance checks and detect emergencies. The job requires extensive technical knowledge and leadership skills. Depending on the location, power plant operators can also perform other duties such as adjusting boiler controls and determining equipment failure.

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