Black Owned Nail Salons Near Me

Black Owned Nail Salons Near Me

Black owned nail salons near me are rare but not impossible to find. While gentrification is a huge threat to black-owned businesses, a majority of New Yorkers still get their nails done bi-weekly or monthly. Having a day for yourself to relax is a must. In addition to this, the average person needs to get their nails done at least once a month. Luckily, there are several options that offer both quality services and affordable prices.

No men or children allowed at black owned nail salons near me

The East Flatbush area of Brooklyn is 86 percent black, and one percent Asian, so the nail salons there need to cater to a predominantly Black clientele. Luckily, Twitter users are starting to compile lists of Black-owned nail salons in the area. Twitter user Arielle Simone has compiled a directory of nail salons across the NYC tristate area, and After Party star Teyana Taylor has her own salon, Junie Bee Nails, in Harlem.

During a recent trip to a black-owned nail salon, I was shocked to learn that no men or children were ever allowed inside. I didn’t realize this until I read a recent article in The New York Times. Nail salons are often the scene of sad stories of illness and tragedy. Whether it’s a miscarriage, cancer, or a painful skin disease, everyone involved in a salon is exposed to powerful chemicals and substances.

Artisan Nail Studio

The average New Yorker gets their nails done at least twice a month. That means taking advantage of nail day to relax. Unfortunately, gentrification is having a detrimental effect on black owned businesses in the city. That’s where a black owned nail salon comes in. In addition to providing great service, black owned businesses are more likely to hire black employees, which keeps the black unemployment rate low.

The Nail Belle is Brooklyn’s only Green America-certified business, and is dedicated to providing eco-friendly options for its clients. The team also offers eco-friendly options, including SNS dipping powder and cal-gel manicures. Another great thing about this black owned nail salon is that it is a Detroit native, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Junie Bee Nails

If you’re looking for a black owned nail salon near me, look no further. A young entrepreneur named Teyana Taylor recently opened Junie Bee Nails in Harlem, New York. The salon is themed after the ’90s and features graffiti, subway car designs, and other unique decor. The salon is so hip that it even has a social media page. While it has yet to officially open, the company has been posting behind-the-scenes photos and inspiration for upcoming projects.

The East Flatbush neighborhood is 86 percent black and only 1 percent Asian. Many people on Twitter have been putting together lists of black owned nail salons in Brooklyn. Another Twitter user, Arielle Simone, has compiled a list of black owned nail salons in the tri-state area. After Party star Teyana Taylor owns Junie Bee Nails in Harlem.

Bed of Nails

If you’re looking for a Black owned nail salon near me, you’ve come to the right place. Bed of Nails in Harlem, NY, is a high-end salon that offers services that are ideal for a glamorous and confident woman. The salon offers luxurious pedicures and manicures, as well as cuticle treatments and waxing. The salon has recently been featured in the magazine Ebony and is owned by Candice Idehen, who is a freelance celebrity manicurist.

The woman who runs the business — her husband would only give her first name, Hwu — declined to give her last name – said that the sales of the salon exceed $400,000. But the cost of running a business is substantial. Rent and payroll are among the biggest expenses. According to the owner’s wife, her husband was dropped off at the nail salon in a Cadillac S.U.V. The manicurist was not paid on his first day.

Queen Esther Spa

Queen Esther Spa is located in south London. The salon offers top-notch beauty and nail treatments by experienced nail technicians. You’ll feel pampered when you step inside the calming, feminine space. You’ll enjoy a complimentary drink or snack, and there are plenty of classic nail treatments available to pamper your hands and feet. And the staff at Queen Esther Spa is proudly black-owned, so you’ll be sure to get a great deal.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a full-on luxury experience, nail salons can help you feel beautiful from head to toe. These salons specialize in black-owned nail care, offering top-notch services and products. Whether you’re looking for an elegant pedicure or a bright, blingy manicure, black-owned businesses are a great way to support the community and get a great mani or pedi.

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