Dude Wheres My Car UPC

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Chester and Jesse are two fun-loving slackers, and after a wild night out, they wake up one morning asking “Dude, Where’s My Car?” They must retrace their steps and navigate through hot alien babes and killer ostriches to find their vehicle. Along the way, they must dodge a deadly ostrich and score special treats from twin hotties.


A very common misconception about the R-rated car is that it must have significant damage. In reality, it can be as clean and well-maintained as a pristine car. A smoke-filled wreck is often an R-graded car. But it can also be as heavily modified as a wreck, or it could have been smoked on by your wifey a few years ago. Or it could have been a trolley-damaged car. Here’s what to look for in an R graded car.

Honda is also making the car ‘R-rated’ with a commercial. This craziness includes destroying sculptures and just plain weirdness. The new Honda Civic Type R is expected to hit European roads in 2015, and this commercial will help launch the vehicle. The vehicle promises to be the most aggressive Type R yet, with its aggressive styling. A teaser trailer is available to preview the car. It has been deemed ‘R-rated’ because it has a ‘Red’ badge.

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