Free COVID Testing Near Me

Free COVID Testing Near Me

Recently Free , a Minneapolis resident, Christina Weber, Googled “free COVID testing near me.” A few blocks from her home, a site for the Center for COVID Control popped up on Google Maps. Unfortunately, when Weber arrived at the site, a man stormed in screaming that she wouldn’t get any results. He told her to self-administer the test, which Weber did. She dropped a plastic bag into a tray filled with 50 other test bags. Afterward, Weber decided to find another location.

Center for COVID Control

The Center for COVID Control has scores of locations across the United States, including Chicago and suburban areas. The organization is registered with the state of Illinois, Florida, and Texas. At the time of this writing, there were only two complaints against the center in those states. While most locations offer free COVID testing, some locations charge a fee for the test.

Currently, the Center for COVID Control offers free COVID testing in New York City. They have testing sites in all five boroughs, including Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Testing is available from Monday through Sunday.


While free COVID testing is a welcome option for some, it comes at a high price. Not only is the cost unpredictable, but it can also come in two separate bills, which can put an unexpected financial burden on patients. In addition, the unexpected costs can make it difficult for them to prioritize their health care.

Costs of free COVID testing vary by location. The test itself costs between $100 and $385, depending on the lab and the type of test. Additionally, some labs charge additional fees for specimen collection, and some bundle several tests together for almost a thousand dollars. These costs are prohibitive for uninsured or self-pay patients.

Where to get test

If you have been exposed to COVID, but are unsure whether you have the virus, you can get a free COVID test at a COVID testing site near you. COVID testing is available in most zip codes. You can also get the test at a pharmacy or at a library.

COVID tests are offered for free or very low cost at select pharmacies and health centers throughout the country. Some health insurance plans also cover the cost of the test. However, they may have quantity restrictions. It is always advisable to get tested as soon as you notice symptoms.

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