How to Increase Girth Size Fast

How to Increase Girth Size Fast
If you’re interested in increasing your penis’s girth size, you’ll want to get to know a few exercises that are
effective for the penis. Fortunately, there are a number of different techniques that can be utilized to
increase the size of your penis in a fast and efficient manner. These methods include pumping, jelqing,
using a penis extender, and measuring techniques.
Jelqing is a stretching and tugging exercise that adds length and girth to a man’s penis. According to Dr.
Seth Cohen, director of male and female sexual dysfunction at NYU Langone Medical Center, jelqing is
increasingly popular among young men. Though some of it originates from the Middle East, jelqing is
widely practiced today, mainly by males of adolescence.
Before jelqing, you should make sure that your penis is semi-erect or has a mild erection. Fully-erectioned
penises are hard to stretch and can cause pain, ruptured blood vessels, or internal bleeding. To avoid pain,
jelq your penis when it is 80% or 50% erect. This will allow for blood circulation.
One way to increase your girth size fast is to perform jelqing exercises in a slow, gentle, and effective
manner. The purpose of jelqing is to increase blood flow to the penis. The increase in blood flow will
allow the penile tissue to expand and engorge. Be sure not to exert too much pressure, or you’ll damage
nerve endings and lose feeling in the penis.
While jelqing does increase penis girth size fast, it is not recommended for men who are not yet ready to
experience a full orgasm. The process can cause permanent damage to the penis, and some men are not
even able to continue with jelqing after they have reached their desired size. It may even cause erectile
dysfunction. And if you are not able to complete the procedure successfully, you’ll have to wait a few
months to see any noticeable results.
For best results, you should perform jelqing for at least 5 minutes per session three to four times a week.
After a month, you should gradually increase the time to get a full erection. But be careful – jelqing may
cause bruising, pain, or erectile dysfunction if done incorrectly. A few weeks of jelqing a day will result in
a noticeable increase in your girth size and thickness.
If you’ve ever wanted a bigger penis, you may have considered pumping. Pumping is a popular way to
increase penis size and girth fast, but there are certain precautions you must take to avoid damage. For
starters, you must always warm up before pumping. You should also trim any pubic hair before engaging
in pumping because it can come into contact with the pump. Secondly, you should stretch the penile
tissues. Doing this through jelqing is a good way to stimulate blood flow and erections.
Penis pumps work as suction pumps and force more blood into the penis. The suction mechanism makes
the penis appear longer and erect. The pumping effect is temporary, but it does work to give you a firmer
erection. Pumping will take a commitment, but you can also enjoy the results. However, pumping isn’t for
everyone. If you’re unhappy with your penis size, don’t try it.
If you’re concerned that the pump will harm your penis, consult with your doctor. This method can cause
serious injury if you cut off blood flow for too long. To ensure a good erection, use a penis pump of high
quality. A good pump takes about two minutes to erect, but it’s essential to keep in mind that you should
never cut off blood flow for long.
When using a penis pump, be careful to use a device with a pressure gauge. Without a gauge, the pressure
inside the tube can be uneven, leading to subcutaneous bleeding or tiny red spots on your penis. The same

is true if you over-pumping. A penis pump is dangerous if it causes permanent damage to tissues or burst
blood vessels. It can also permanently alter the shape of your penis.
Using a penis extender
If you’re interested in increasing your penis girth size, using a penis extender may be the answer. These
devices stimulate a natural process known as cytokinesis, which results in the production of new tissue in
the penis. Increased blood flow stimulates growth of the cells that line the penis. By increasing blood flow
to the penis, you will increase its girth size. To make use of penile extenders, you need to wear them for
four to six hours a day, depending on the device.
The only problem with using penis extenders to increase girth size fast is the time it takes. Most men see
results after several months of using the device. The product can be uncomfortable to use in the
beginning, but it won’t hurt you or increase blood flow. As long as you use it properly, you’ll see results in
six to twelve months. However, you should be patient and give the device enough time to show noticeable
Before buying a penis extender, check the manufacturer’s reputation. Look for a manufacturer that
matches industry standards and follows all instructions closely. Lastly, look for a money-back guarantee.
This ensures the manufacturer believes in its product and cares about its customers. The products on our
list have money-back guarantees. This ensures that you can ask for a refund if the product isn’t up to par
or doesn’t produce the results it advertises.
The best penis extenders are safe and effective and can increase your penis girth size by a few inches. Just
remember to follow the instructions on the packaging to avoid side effects. If you find yourself
experiencing any of these problems, it’s best to discontinue use immediately. But penis extenders can help
you to increase girth size fast. If you are still unsure about its effectiveness, check out the reviews and
testimonials of other people who have already used them.
Using a penis extender will not only increase girth size quickly, but it can also correct the curvature of the
penis. A penis extender is an FDA-cleared medical device that improves the shape and size of your penis.
It is one of the most advanced and successful extender companies in the world, and it has been in the
market for over 25 years.
Using a measuring tape
There are several ways to increase the girth of your penis. You can use a flexible measuring tape to
determine the size of your penis. To get accurate measurements, be sure to use one that is flexible and
does not press against the penis’ skin. To use a measuring tape, wrap the tape around the thickest part of
the shaft, and note the number where the ends meet.
Ideally, you should use a measuring tape that is flexible and not too tight, which can restrict the blood
flow. Also, make sure that you don’t measure your penis to the point that it falls off. In case you’re not
sure how to get the best measurements, you can use a floppy object instead of a measuring tape. In order
to increase the girth size of your penis, be sure to get a medical professional’s recommendation.
Using a measuring tape to increase penis girth size fast doesn’t need to be painful or difficult. The most
important thing to look for in a measuring tape is its durability. The blade of the tape is exposed to grit
when you bend it, and this grit grinds against the measuring hook every time you retract the tape. The
protective coating on most tapes wears off over time.
However, there are some disadvantages to this method, including its limited effectiveness. Despite the
lack of hard evidence, penis stretching may be beneficial in certain cases. Obesity can have devastating
effects on sexual function, as it can block important blood vessels that contribute to penis growth and

erectile function. If you are overweight, it’s vital to improve its size by taking steps to decrease your

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