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The Isaiah Rashad Video Controversy and SZA’s
You might have heard about Isaiah Rashad from the recent controversy about his sexuality. If so, you may
have also been following his career closely. In this article, we’ll talk about his sexuality controversy, his
leaked video, and his friendship with SZA. Then, we’ll look at some of the positives and negatives of
Isaiah Rashad’s leaked video and his relationship with SZA.
Isaiah Rashad’s career
The latest tweets about Isaiah Rashad’s career have caused quite a stir. The young rapper recently opened
up about his history of addiction to Xanax and alcohol. He was just 19 years old when he attempted
suicide. However, despite his apparent success, he has been open about his struggles with depression and
anxiety. His career has since soared after sharing the story on social media.
Isaiah Rashad was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and raised by a single mother. His father left the
family when he was three. As a child, Rashad wanted to be a preacher and had spent hours learning rap.
At a young age, he was even allowed to listen to Too $hort and Scarface. He later went on to join the hip
hop collective The House and became a successful artist.
Isaiah Rashad’s career on Twitter has gotten even more attention, with over four million followers. It’s
hard to keep up with all of his posts, but there is plenty to read about his life. He has a Twitter account and
a lot of other social media accounts that you can follow. Here’s a closer look at his career on Twitter. You
can also follow his fans. This is a great way to stay updated on his latest news and other interesting
It’s no secret that Isaiah Rashad has gained a considerable amount of Twitter followers since his outing.
However, this infamous viral video has impacted his career. Many of his fans are now wondering what
went wrong. He has since posted a response video on his Twitter page thanking fans. His friends are upset
that this video has caused so much controversy. The rapper has since apologized and thanked his fans for
their support.
After his Twitter career, the rumors about his personal life have started to pour in. One of them concerns
his sexuality. However, the rapper has previously kept his sexuality and his dating life private. He has
never confirmed or denied that he is gay, and his relationship with another woman was kept private.
While he has yet to issue a statement regarding the rumors, his sexuality has become a trending topic on
Isaiah Rashad’s friendship with SZA
The Isaiah Rashad and SZA friendship has long been in the spotlight. Since the leak of an intimate video
featuring Rashad, the rapper has been getting a lot of support online. Though Rashad hasn’t released an
official statement about it, the rapper is receiving an immense amount of support from Twitter users. It’s
no surprise that these two are so close to each other, as Rashad has often been compared to Frank Ocean.
Isaiah Rashad’s new album, The House Is Burning, dropped last month. The six-minute outro features
raps from Rashad and fellow Tennessean Duke Deuce. The song’s title track, “Lay Wit Ya,” is a banger.
SZA features Isaiah Rashad’s verse on “Sorry” as well. The track’s lyrics evoke feelings of regret, as
Rashad wonders whether his life would have been better without wealth and fame.
SZA and Rashad’s friendship began as a way to express themselves to each other. The two rappers were
friends growing up in Chattanooga, TN. After their friendship, SZA collaborated with Rashad on the song
“Ronnie Drake.”

RASHAD is a prolific rap artist, and his latest release, The House is Burning, has topped charts
worldwide. He was inspired by Master P, who made him want to rap. He last listened to “haircut” by
Amindi. While the song is a banger, Rashad is more than just a new songwriter. Isaiah Rashad’s friendship
with SZA will continue to grow as his musical career becomes more established.
Isaiah Rashad’s leaked video
Rapper Isaiah Rashad has been the subject of much speculation and discussion on social media. The
leaked video of Rashad having an intimate encounter with a man has garnered quite a bit of attention, as
many of his fans are searching for information on the rapper. Rashad has previously admitted that he
struggles with mental health and drugs. However, his fans are sympathetic and supportive, despite his
sexy video.
The leaked video, titled “Rashad’s leaked video,” has garnered attention on social media websites and
Twitter. The rapper is currently not openly gay, but the leaked video showed his sexual activities with two
other males. Despite the graphic nature of the video, the footage was already viral on social media within
hours. Although the controversy over Rashad’s leaked video may be a distraction for Rashad, it is clear
that fans are shocked by the revelation.
Despite the controversy surrounding the release of the video, Rashad remains highly regarded and
respected. Publish-and-disclosure of private videos is punishable under law, and the poster of the video
should be sentenced to prison. It is imperative that this act is put to a stop as this behavior is clearly
degrading. If the video was published by accident on a social media website, it would most likely be
Isaiah Rashad’s leaked video was posted on Reddit on Friday, and the controversy continues to swirl
around him. Despite the controversy surrounding Rashad, the rapper’s revealing video is making
headlines worldwide. After this viral sensation, Rashad publicly revealed his sexual priorities. But, will he
take his newfound fame to a new level? It’s unclear if the singer will ever step back after the scandal.
Isaiah Rashad’s s3xuality controversy
The sexuality controversy involving Isaiah Rashad is a topic of great discussion amongst fans, as the TDE
rapper is not yet open about his sexual orientation. While Rashad has never publicly declared his sexual
orientation, the video that went viral on Reddit and Twitter shows the rapper leading sexual acts with two
men. The video was posted on Reddit and spread quickly, leading to a lot of support for the rapper on
social media.
In the video, Isaiah Rashad directs se*ual acts with a man he does not know. His supporters are concerned
about his mental health and are calling for him to explain himself. In the meantime, the rapper is silent
about the sexuality controversy and has yet to post an official comment. On his Instagram page, however,
he last posted on January 18.
Isaiah Rashad’s sexuality controversy has continued to rage on for quite some time. But the singer has
never revealed his sexuality to the public. He also claims that he has never been taunted about it. His real
name is Isaiah McLain and he has two children. However, the controversy does not seem to have affected
his career as he continues to work and perform.
Earlier this year, a leaked sex tape featuring Rashad and two men surfaced, with many fans claiming they
recognized the singer. While Rashad has not confirmed his sexuality, his fans and industry colleagues
have been supportive. In fact, many of his fans and collaborators have expressed their support for him,
and are calling for those responsible to come forward and reveal his private life.
The video, titled “Isaiah Rashad’s sexuality controversy,” was released on social media without the
rapper’s consent. While he has yet to publicly disclose the identity of the woman who shared the video,

Rashad has never addressed the controversy directly. Despite the controversy, Isaiah Rashad’s net worth
has been reported to be $500 thousand as of April 2022. It is unknown if the singer has any other

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