Lost Lyrics

Want to learn about “Lost” lyrics? Let us help you. We’ll show you the meaning of the words in Frank Ocean’s song, Maroon 5’s “Youth is Lost,” and Kanye West’s “Get Lost”.

Frank Ocean’s “Lost”

The fourth single off Frank Ocean’s debut album is a love song with an unconventional plot. The singer portrays the role of a drug dealer. While the subject of the song reads as a love interest, he is involved in the illicit drug trade, cooking weight all around the world, and even going as far as Asia. The lyrics are a resounding reminder that the world is not always fair.

While performing at the 2012 Coachella festival, the band recorded a cover of Frank Ocean’s hit song “Lost.” The acoustic video was crafted by mixing together several clips of the band performing at the event. The song was recorded at drummer Joe Donovan’s house, and the band improvised using percussion, a snare drum, and even a beer crate.

Kanye West’s “Get Lost”

You’ve probably heard Kanye West’s new single Get Lost and have probably enjoyed it. The song is available on most streaming services, and it’s an addictive jam. If you’re not familiar with the song, it was produced by Future. The album is expected to drop in February of 2022. The single is a great example of West’s genius. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

The first verse of Kanye West’s new single “Get Lost” references Kim Kardashian’s early relationship with the rapper. The pair were engaged, but he later discovered she was dating someone else. Now, the couple are power couples with four kids. But what makes this song so special? Kim Kardashian West recently shared a romantic nugget relating to her husband. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s new song “Get Lost” are a great combination of romance and hip hop.

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