Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World

Nagato Kazuya and Modern
Weapons Cheat in Another World

If you’ve ever wondered how Nagato Kazuya was able to summon modern weapons and
soldiers in another world, you’re not alone. This article will cover how Nagato Kazuya
managed to summon these modern weapons and soldiers, as well as his relationship with
them. They cheated and suckered him. Whether they’re helpful or harmful depends on your
personal beliefs, but this is a fun read nonetheless.
Nagato Kazuya summoned modern weapons and soldiers in
another world

If you’ve ever wanted to know how “Military Nerd” High School student, Nagato Kazuya,
summoned modern weapons and soldiers in another universe, you’ve come to the right place.
This manga will take you on a journey across a fantasy world, where he’ll team up with his new
“military adviser”, Yandere, and his army of soldiers to conquer the Fantasy world. You’ll get to
meet the harem of the mysterious Yandere, their army of elite soldiers, and their incredible
This means that he can summon any weapon that was created before 2013 as long as it’s still
in use. He doesn’t have to be a soldier, though he can summon two or three soldiers. He can
summon light or heavy weapons as long as it’s still operational. The ability to summon a
soldier can be activated with a voice or a thought. But if you are summoning a modern
weapon, you’re not guaranteed a weapon.
The men and women in Kazuya’s company were composed of mostly female faces. As he
glanced at the company, his mind was racing. His gaze wandered, but he only heard the
Lieutenant Commander’s name and the last few lines. The Lieutenant Commander, too, smiled
at him, and then he opened his mouth to speak. The Lieutenant Commander’s face was now
blue, but his body was untouched by the incident.
In addition to summoning soldiers and modern weapons, Nagato Kazuya has the ability to heal
the injured or moribund. His healing ability varies according to the type of injury or illness he
has suffered. As a result, soldiers are less likely to resist fanatical desires when they’re
wounded or injured. If a body part is missing, the body may be more prone to fanatical desires.
Chitose, on the other hand, had been a slave trader. When they came to the Canary Kingdom,
they entrusted Fort City with a large army,
and he was able to assemble them in groups of
about one hundred soldiers. This number, too, proved to be insufficient for the city. Eventually,
the city was surrounded by high walls. Karen Lautrec, one of the dukes of the Canary kingdom,
managed the city. Around 15,000 soldiers from the kingdom remained.

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