Risky Business Costume

Cheap and Easy Risky Business Costumes

For a cheap and easy Risky Business costume, look no further than Tom Cruise. The movie star wears an oversized white dress shirt with matching white socks. You can make a costume similar to his style in a few hours. Even better, you can wear the outfit long after Halloween is over! And if you can’t find an authentic Risky Business costume, you can always buy some original clothes from a thrift store.

Tom Cruise

Creating a Tom Cruise in Risky Business costume is easy, especially if you have a white button-down shirt and a pair of white socks. This classic outfit will take you less than an hour to make and will last you well beyond Halloween. If you’re trying to find an original costume, try purchasing appropriate clothes at a thrift store and mixing and matching them with other pieces. You can also find a Bob Seger Greatest Hits CD to complete the look.

Besides the white shirt and black socks, other elements for a Tom Cruise costume are a white hat and sunglasses. Similarly, you can dress as the character in Home Improvement. You’ll need a khaki t-shirt or flannel shirt, sunglasses, and popsicle stick fence. If you want to dress up as Tom Cruise, you can even team up with a friend.

Drew Barrymore

There is nothing riskier than dressing up as Drew Barrymore, and the actress is no stranger to risky business. In June 2012, she married art consultant Will Kopelman. She has two daughters, but she doesn’t plan on turning them into child stars. After all, she is a member of Hollywood royalty, and has been for decades. However, the actress recently made some surprising comments while speaking on the Demi Lovato podcast.

The film Butterfly Kiss, which Drew Barrymore produced, starred Barrymore as a teenage copy editor who transforms into a butterfly. It is hard not to admire Barrymore’s acting chops, as she is believable in every scene. In this film, she wears a baggy shirt and jeans, holds a bottle of beer, and wears a striped top and flat sandals.

Alex DeLarge

For Halloween, you can dress up as your favorite ’80s crime boss in an Alex DeLarge in a riskY business costume. You can find one of these costumes in your local costume shop or online. You can also find many websites dedicated to ’80s-themed costumes. The key is to make sure you’re not uncomfortable in your costume – it’s not meant to be an all-out fright-fest – you’ll want to look hot!

Another popular costume for a Risky Business character is the Joel and Lana costumes. Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay played the characters in Risky Business. They were both dressed in button-down white shirts and black tube socks. These costumes were so popular that they even spawned a sequel! You can even wear the same outfit to a comedy skit! If you have a hard time coming up with an original costume, try thrift-store finds!

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers is the ultimate in coolness, and the iconic sunglasses have stayed on-trend for decades. With their classic frame and tinted lenses, they can’t fail to make you look cool, and Halloween is no exception. Channel Tom Cruise in Risky Business or John Belushi from The Blues Brothers with a pair of Wayfarers this year. Or channel Madonna in her prime in the same pair of sunglasses!

Wayfarers were first made popular during the 1960s by the Bausch & Lomb company. It was the designer Raymond Stegeman’s idea to use acetate for sunglasses, and the result was a unique style with sturdy arms and a trapezoidal shape. The iconic glasses were worn by Andy Warhol in the sixties and later became an instant classic thanks to the film Blues Brothers and movies like Miami Vice. After the films, Wayfarers were worn by countless movie stars, from the Blues Brothers to the Reservoir Dogs.

White underwear

One of the most iconic parts of a Risky Business costume is the white underwear. It’s important to wear underwear that is not too sheer, but still covers enough of the body to be modest. The next piece of clothing to add is white socks. The easiest to find type of socks is white sports socks. You can also wear replica sunglasses to complete the look. In addition, a candlestick completes the look.

If you’re looking for a way to make the white underwear on your own, consider the character of Joel Goodson from the romantic comedy, Risky Business. You’ll probably recognize his most famous scene, in which he dances around the house in just his shirt and underwear. The risky business costume is a great choice for this character because it doesn’t need to be too intricate. The style emphasizes fun, immersion, and simplicity.

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