Rocking A Cardigan In Atlanta Lyrics

Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta Lyrics

Lil Shordie Scott is back with his new song, Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta. The song has already been a hit on the streets of Atlanta, and the rapper will be dropping the album on 29 January 2022. In addition, this album has lyrics that are sure to inspire countless other rap artists. Check out the full lyrics below. You’ll be glad you did, too!

Lil Shordie Scott

Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta lyrics are provided by one of the most popular musical artists, Lil Shordie Scott. This song is a must-have for music lovers and fans of quality sound. It will be released on 29 January 2022. Here are some things to consider about the song. Lil Shordie Scott’s delivery is quite annoying and the lyrics are pretty generic. In addition, Shordie Scott’s delivery is unfunny. This delivery has been done better by Lil Kapow on 5 Bathrooms and by Post Malone on 100 Gecs.

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